RIS3Andalucía 2020 identifies the areas of activity in which Andalusia has some more competitive advantages against other regions. In these settings, Andalusia is committed to focusing its research and innovation investments, the best capacities, the means and the instruments of support to improve business competitiveness. All this in a regional ecosystem of open innovation which generates and accompanies entrepreneurship, and which makes Andalusia the best place to invest, work and live.

The change in production model which smart specialisation strategies entail requires this regional concentration of efforts to the most promising environments, to SMART SPECIALISATION PRIORITIES.

How are they identified?

From the comparative and competitive advantages, global trends and the Vision of Andalusia on the horizon of 2020.

  • Comparative advantages, characteristics and existing resources in Andalusia which have been identified within the specialisation opportunities and which constitute differential elements against other regions, both in the national and in the European context.
  • Competitive advantages which Andalusia has, that enable it to achieve a positive differential in its added value against other regions, by being able to offer differential products/services and/or by evidencing capacity for competitive leadership. These advantages have also been identified within the specialisation opportunities.
  • Global trends through which the world is evolving in these and the coming years, and which can affect these opportunities in the programming period 2014-2020.
  • Vision Andalucía 2020, which defines the destination coordinates that must be reached by the Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation.

What are they?

The Specialisation Priorities are the innovation vectors which, starting from our resources and capacities and taking into account global trends, will best enable the achievement of the aspirations of our region formulated in “Vision Andalucía 2020”. They are all born from the capacities and aspirations of an inclusive region which believes equal opportunities, identified through a process of entrepreneurial discovery.