• Sustainable use of local land resources

  • Sustainable use of local land resources

  • Sustainable use of local land resources


Turn Andalusia into a leading international region in research, pilot and demonstration projects, technology transfer and international R&D infrastructures in the field of biodiversity, management and sustainable use of natural and heritage resources.

Create the conditions to optimise the use of local resources, in a context of conservation of territorial capital and conservation of cultural heritage.

Make the most of existing mining resources to carry out R&D&i and pilot projects, from which new products and applicable processes in the Andalusian entrepreneurial fabric are derived.

Lines of action:

  • 1.

    Mantenimiento del flujo sostenido de los servicios de los ecosistemas.

  • 2.

    Innovation for the adaptation of territories to climate change.

  • 3.

    Mining integrated into the territory.

  • 4.

    New processes and products for the use of agricultural and livestock resources.

  • 5.

    Research and innovation on the management of natural resources and cultural heritage.

Capacities which were identified on the territory to select this priority

  • Research on bioproducts and biorefineries for the transition to a biobased economy.
  • R&i in generation and transfer of knowledge on cultural heritage and on tourist resources, with a comprehensive treatment thereof in relation to the landscape and the territory.
  • Comprehensive management of coastal zones: blue economy.
  • Pilot projects of new comprehensive water cycle management models.
  • Efficient use of waste and CO2 capture by natural and cultivated ecosystems.
  • Improve competitiveness in agriculture and cattle breeding by reducing the negative external factors of these activities.
  • Industrial activity related to the transformation and revitalisation of mineral resources, development of new materials and applications.
  • Research and innovation on the treatment of mining resources, chemical processes and metallurgical technology developments with potential in Andalusia. Sustainable mining and mining recovery.
  • Management of natural resources: green economy. Environmental recovery and risk management
  • Andalusia leading region in research, pilot and demonstration projects, and technology transfer in the rail, aviation, naval and automotive field.