Catalog of opportunities in the different areas

Based on the different Entrepreneur Discovery Workshops carried out, as well as their support with data verified by technicians and experts, the Opportunities Catalog has been prepared. This preparation offers a global vision, at the level of opportunities related to the future of the region, shared by all agents, public and private, related to the process.

Mobility industries

Logistics and transport
1. Traffic on the “Round de World” sea route that has a crossing point through the Strait of Gibraltar
2. Growing demands from the logistics and transport sectors to develop R & D & I projects with European and international research centers, as well as demonstration pilot projects
3. The globalization of production processes and the technological and organizational transformations of international maritime transport pose a reorganization of logistics infrastructures on a global scale and generate the need to establish a
4. Improve the efficiency and reduce the energy and environmental impact of transport through the Maritime – Rail – Highway in the Last Mile intermodality.
5. Needs for improvement and innovation of logistics in companies in the main Andalusian productive sectors (agri-food, agro-industrial, aeronautical, metal-mechanic, energy, etc.) making better use of regional logistics networks, nation
6. Promote Andalusia as a center of excellence in Sustainable Urban Distribution of Goods

1. Systems applied to the aeronautical and aerospace industry
2. Reinforce leadership in the manufacture of carbon fiber parts, promote the introduction of new materials and new production processes in aeronautics and promote the transfer of this technology to other productive sectors
3. Exploitation of the Andalusian Tourist Potential through the development of general aviation.
4. Application of Autonomous Systems (UAVs, UGVs,) to the modernization and growth of the Agricultural sector.
5. Maintaining leadership as a high-tech Final Assembly Line and manufacturing of composite materials

Sustainability industries

Energy: Production (Renewables), Distribution (integration in networks), Consumption (energy efficiency)
1. Renewable generation systems
2. Management and integration of renewables in conventional energy supply networks
3. Intelligent energy transport networks and integration of renewables in conventional networks including intelligent energy capture, conversion and storage.
4. High capacity energy storage systems
5. Installations of high energy efficiency in the construction and energy renovation of buildings
6. New technologies for renewable energies and for improving energy efficiency

Sustainable building
1. Use of new efficient materials in construction that supports Innovative Business Activity in the Construction sector
2. Light prefabrication of low cost houses
3. Installations of high energy efficiency in the building

Sustainable mining
1. Research and estimation of mineral resources with exploitation potential
2. Development of metallurgical technologies for the benefit and exploitation of minerals
3. Sustainable mining and mining recovery

Environment and Water
1. Environmental management and recovery
2. Need to reduce the use of resources in agriculture and livestock to improve competitiveness and reduce the costs of negative externalities of these economic activities.
3. Need for waste treatment that can be used efficiently
4. Comprehensive water management

ICT for smart specialization

ICT in productive sectors
1. Internet of things (IoT): use of smart networks that connect the devices that surround the human being to improve their well-being
2. ICT in traditional sectors

New developments in the ict sector
1. Massive use of data remotely for general applications in the fields of industry and consumer.
2. Global demand for ICT-related training through new educational paradigms: Massive open online courses (MOOC)

Healthy Andalusia

Health and wellness
1. Large-scale population-based socio-health research: clinical studies and other types of studies
2. New integrated models of health care and social welfare based on e-health
3. Public systems as drivers of innovation and business activity
4. Healthy living and active aging (“Aging”)
5. Advanced Therapies-Regenerative Medicine.

Healthy eating
1. Reinforce the quality of Andalusian products through comprehensive traceability systems that ensure the origin, properties and food safety of these products, meeting the growing consumer demands on quality and safety.
2. Learn more and take better advantage of the healthy properties of Andalusian products and adapt their use to the needs of specific groups (Functional Food)
3. Ecological Production
4. Intensive agri-food production

Smart specialization in tourism
1. Customization of Offer in Andalusian Destinations on the Professional Events Segment
2. Comprehensive Management of Vacation Tourism Package: Andalusians Smart Destinations
3. Experiential and Motivational Tourism

Talent management

1. Deepen knowledge of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to develop new ways of supporting and promoting entrepreneurship
2. Entrepreneurship in the Network:
3. Promotion of alternative financing networks
4. Streamline public administrations

The 3 systems of the triple helix of Andalusia
1. Promote business innovation in SMEs and connect with Universities and Research Centers
2. Align the funding of university R&D groups with the results of their research in the market in the form of innovative business products and services

Financing innovation
1. New initiatives to support innovative activity in the hands of professionals in the management of business innovation promotion programs
2. Launch the “Start-up Andalusia” program to attract technology start-ups from around the world to Andalusia in priority sectors for the region.
3. Work on the creation of clusters in Andalusian industries

Economy of culture and creative tourism
1. Creative tourism that incorporates the creative and cultural industries

Creativity applied to urban quality as a fundamental factor for attracting talent and activities
1. Creative environments
2. Empowerment of creativity in the educational and innovation system of Andalusia.

New rurality

New economic proximity systems
1. Develop differentiation, commercialization and distribution strategies that promote direct contact without intermediaries between producers and consumers, between rural and urban environments, taking advantage of new technologies based on new resources.

ICT communication networks in rural areas
1. ICT communication networks in rural areas

Energy sustainability in rural areas
1. Energy sustainability in rural areas