The Smart Specialization Strategy RIS3Andalucía is an agenda for the economic transformation of the region to contribute to the most important challenges by generating a change in the productive model, which contributes to the creation of employment, more and larger companies that are increasingly competitive and innovative capable of join the European and international markets and global value chains.

The web aims to be a site; it is a meeting space for all the stakeholders participating in the process of preparing the Andalusian Innovation Strategy, RIS3 ANDALUCIA 2020.
The actors involved with innovation, the quadruple helix in Andalusia, companies/entrepreneurs/private sector, Administration, academia/Universities, civil society faced in 2014 the challenge of designing and developing a Research and Innovation Strategy for the Intelligent Specialization of Andalusia, RIS3 ANDALUCIA (Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization RIS3).
The development of this Strategy is posed as a challenge that the European Commission launches to all regions of the EU with the ultimate objective of promoting a new economic model, focused on companies, and based on a firm and determined commitment to innovation, science, technology, internationalization and training.
It is about bringing about a change, a transformation that allows Andalusian companies to be the engine of economic recovery once again, making available for this change a new system of impulse and support for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Process | Ris3 Andalusia  

  • Since 2014, the European Commission has been seeking an economic-territorial transformation for the regions.
  • For this reason, and in order to support European regions in their commitment to innovation and the growth of the digital society, it decided that the definition of the RIS3 is a mandatory prior condition, within the framework of Cohesion Policy, to receive funds in the 2014-2020 period.
  • RIS3 Andalusia responds to this unavoidable call, and we are moving forward following the first steps that will allow Andalusia to comply with the requirements of the European Commission.
  • On December 18, 2012, the Andalusian Governing Council agreed to start working on the draft of the Andalusian Innovation Strategy, RIS3Andalucía 2020, which was finally approved by Agreement of February 15, 2015.